There are three ways to get support for your Open Source Energy Hardware projects.

1. GitHub Issues

As the development of the software and hardware takes place on GitHub, issues in the correct repository are the right way to ask specific questions or talk about improvements. If you implemented an improvement already, you can send a pull-request, which will be reviewed and possibly merged with the existing code or hardware files.

Libre Solar GitHub page: in new window

2. Support Forum

For more general technical questions and ideas, or if you want to introduce your projects, visit our forum. This is also the place where we would like to build up a community around Open Source Hardware projects related to renewable energy.

Forum website: talk.libre.solaropen in new window

3. E-mail

Technical questions will not be answered by email, as the answers are not visible to other people.

If you have any other request, you can of course visit the about page to get in contact with Libre Solar.