About Libre Solar

The primary ideas of a smart, distributed and hackable DC energy system emerged from discussions during the POC21 innovation camp near Paris in September, 2015. We were planning to combine different renewable energy sources of the single projects (solar generator, $30 wind turbine, bicycle generator) into a system which would be able to provide energy for small household consumers, green houses, electric bikes, etc.. The only problem: There were no open-source and hackable power electronics devices available which would fulfill our needs.

Since then, we are trying to close this gap and develop flexible solar charge controllers, mobile solar systems and battery management systems as open-source hardware projects.

So far, the Libre Solar devices have been developed mainly by the originator of this website, Martin Jäger. In my other life, I work as a Li-ion battery developer in the automotive industry.

The prototypes of the devices are produced in Fabulous St. Pauli, where we have a laser cutter and a reflow oven. A first demonstration project using the MPPT charge controller is installed in the FabLab.


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Imprint / Impressum

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Dr. Martin Jäger
Hein-Hoyer-Str. 18
20359 Hamburg

Telefon: +49 (0) 160 94179007
E-Mail: info at libre dot solar

Remark: I don’t answer technical questions via E-Mail. Please use the community platform instead, so that others with similar questions can also find the information.