MPPT charger (10A) with dual USB output

Development Stage Tested prototype, evaluation boards available.

This charge controller is based on the 20A MPPT, but has reduced number of components and cheaper DC/DC power stage for 10A.

The power is sufficient for small 12V applications with up to 150 W solar panels.

With the integrated dual USB output you can directly charge your mobile phone or power other devices such as Raspberry Pi.

Charge controller PCB

Buy development board

You can buy a fully assembled board as shown in the picture above. It uses SMD LEDs which can be replaced by THT LEDs depending on the application.

The board comes without a housing. Suitable CAD files for 3D printing can be found here.

Please check the GitHub repository for full technical details and a manual.

Important: This is a development board for evaluation and requires expert knowledge to use it, including flashing the firmware. It is not a product for normal end users, yet.

Please note: Due to COVID-19 a worldwide shipment is not possible at the moment, so we can only offer shipping inside the Europe. If you want shipping outside Europe, please get in contact first to check possible options.


  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
  • 12V nominal battery voltage
  • 10A max. charging current
  • 40V max. solar input (36 to 48-cell panels, ideally so-called 12V panels with 36 cells)
  • Ultra low-power 32bit ARM MCU (STM32L072)
  • Dual USB charging ports
  • Expandable via Olimex Universal Extension Connector (UEXT) featuring I2C, Serial and SPI interface (e.g. used for display, WIFI communication, etc.)
  • Built-in protection:
    • Overvoltage
    • Undervoltage
    • Overcurrent
    • PV short circuit
    • PV reverse polarity
    • Battery reverse polarity (destructive, fuse is blown)


The charge controller is under active development and you are welcome to participate.

Visit the GitHub page for schematics and board layout.