Other Open Hardware Projects

This page lists a few other Open Source Hardware projects related to energy conversion and monitoring.

SBMS100 from Dacian Todea

The Solar BMS (Solar Battery Management System) is a powerful 100A solar charge controller including a BMS for 3 to 8 Lithium ion cells. This solar charge controller does not feature Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) because of good reasons (see Dacians video explanations for this).

Website: www.electrodacus.com

SmartMPPT by Al Thomason

An MPPPT charge controller project based on Arduino. This two-phase charge controller is still under active development and will be able to handle up to 25A.

Website: smartmppt.blogspot.de


Open Energy Monitor provides an entire framework including software and hardware for monitoring of your household energy consumption and generation (e.g. through PV panels). In the online shop you can directly buy the hardware.

Website: openenergymonitor.org


The Berlin based project aims at developing a portable solar generator to replace Diesel generators. The plans of the devices are made open source.

Website: sunzilla.de