Communication subsystem

The different components of the renewable energy system should form a “smart” and self-managing system, which ensures safe operation of all components through communication.

Currently, the communication protocol is not yet fixed. However, EnergyBus is a very promising candidate.

Requirements for the communication protocol

  • Plug and play (high-level protocol needed)
    • Only advanced features should require previous configuration
  • Master-less (distributed system)
  • Advanced energy management features
    • Multiple sources and sinks
    • Prioritization of nodes (e.g solar has higher priority than diesel generator, fridge has lower priority than laptop)
  • Cheap and reliable
  • Remote firmware flashing
  • Possible candidates:
    • CAN and CANopen/EnergyBus
    • RS485 and proprietary protocol (Modbus not capable of master-less communication)
    • TCP/IP via Ethernet or WiFi (expensive!)
    • Cheap low-power radio (e.g. NRF24L01+, RFM12, BLE)
      • Problem: How to identify plug and socket?